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The security of every visitor on our site is very important.

Below you can find all the information in relation to the privacy policy, copyright and cookie policy of our company’s website.

You are on the web site http://www.ograje-kozar.eu (hereinafter referred to as Our website, including all sub-pages and sub-domains) of the company Strojne montaže Iztok Kozar, s.p. (hereinafter Kozar).

Kozar company develops, produces and installs top quality and state-of-the-art aluminium, powdercoated, inox and glass fences, yard fences, yard gates, double-wing gates, canopies and carports for terraces and cars, staircase and balcony fences, glass semi-frameless fences, glass with construction, partition walls and various other products made of aluminium, inox, powdercoated and out of glass, adapted to the wishes and demands of our clients.

The purpose of the privacy policy of our website is to inform visitors of our website about privacy, copyright and cookie policy, which can be found below in each chapter.

The privacy policy of our website takes effect from January 1st, 2019 and is valid until the change or cancellation of which our visitors will be properly informed on our website or, if necessary, individually. Our website is prepared in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Access to Original Content), which is mandatory for EU Member States, which entered into force on May 25th, 2018.

To collect, process and manage the personal data of visitors at our website is in the responsibility of Iztok Kozar, s.p. (known as the Data Protection Officer; hereinafter DPO) to contact one of the contact sources below or click here.


The security of every visitor of our website is very important to us. In accordance with the beliefs, standards of safety and quality of our company, the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Slovenia, the legislation and the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the collection and processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, or known as the General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR) we are fully committed to protecting all the information we collect on our website.

The Privacy Policy on our website shows how our company takes care of the privacy of every visitor of our site, which you can read later on. For any questions regarding your privacy on our website, you can contact us via one of the contact information below or click here.


Personal data is all (any) data (and any information) that relates to a specific or identifiable natural person and which is capable of identifying, directly or indirectly, a particular entity, regardless of the form in which it is expressed. For example, name, surname, individual identification number in different areas, individual location data, and other data that can identify the identity of the individual. Personal information on our website is collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes that will be clearly communicated to every user in the privacy policy.

The collection and processing of personal data refers to the manual or automated collection, inspection, editing, storage, structuring, customization, modification, blocking, erasure or destruction of personal data of an individual, as well as disclosure, transmission, communication, making available to others and / or third parties to people. Personal data can be collected and processed only with the prior personal and clear consent of the individual to whom the data relates.

The limitation of the processing of personal data refers to the marking of acquired and stored personal data in order to limit their processing in the future.

Blocking or denying the acquisition and / or processing of personal data and the transmission to third parties or parties means the restriction or prevention of the collection and processing of personal data, which is the right of every visitor to our website.

The processor or manager of personal data is in charge of collecting, processing and managing the data of visitors to our website, as well as related explanations.

The DPO on our website (according to GDPR) is listed at the bottom of this website or click here.


According to the GDPR Regulation, from each visitor of the website, we must obtain prior consent for each acquisition and use of his personal data separately.

The consent of every visitor to our website for the collection and processing of his data and for the recording of cookies must be given voluntarily, specific, aware, unambiguously and explicitly, and demonstrably.

Every visitor of our site has the right to be acquainted with:

  • The type of personal data for which there is any possibility that they can be automated or manually transferred or acquired for the purpose of visiting a website;
  • Indication whether the collection of personal data is compulsory or voluntary, and the possible consequences of a rejection by the visitor of the website;
  • The ability to know about any and all of the information that our site has automated or manually obtained.

Any visitor can give consent on our website by marking the box in the cookie notification. The notice on our website is clearly indicated for the acquisition of which information the user of our site may give or refuse consent.

Every visitor of our site has (in accordance with GDPR) the right:

  • To get acquainted with the nature and the time of retention of any personal information that can be identified when visiting our website;
  • To access to their personal data;
  • To limit and / or prohibit the processing of personal data, both to our company, as well as in relation to and in transmitting to third parties;
  • To request correction, deletion, or make an appeal;
  • To the transferability of personal data;
  • With regard to automated acquisition and processing of personal data;
  • Submit a complaint to the competent authority.
  • To cancel his consent at any time. Revocation of the consent does not affect the legality of processing before it is canceled.

In case the visitor of our website wants to exercise any of the above rights, or acquire any rights from our privacy policy, he may do so orally, in writing, or using any of the electronic devices through one of the contact details below or click here.

We inform visitors of our website that all communication via electronic messages, which we can help or inform you further, is stored in our mailbox, to which the company Kozar has access solely as the manager of your personal information.


The company Kozar cares that all data of each visitor of our website is collected, processed and stored legally, fairly and transparently. For the proper safety of personal data of visitors to our website, the company Kozar provides protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and unintentional loss, destruction or damage to personal data.

The collection and processing of personal data of visitors to our website will be done exclusively in the form and for the purposes for which these data were obtained, which visitors were clearly informed and gave consent for the collection and processing of our company. Personal data of individuals will be stored only as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which individuals have been informed and for which they have given clear consent.

All the rights listed above on our website will be made by the copmpany Kozar clearly, transparently, comprehensibly, easily accessible and completely free of charge.

All employees in our company are committed to integrity and confidentiality in the handling of personal data of all clients of our company.

We are bound to breach the protection of personal data and we will notify the competent supervisory authority not later than 72 hours, without any immediate delay, and, if necessary, the individual to whom the personal data relate.


Due to changes in legislation, regulations and good practices, both in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as in the EU and wider, we will, if necessary, amend or change our privacy policy. If changes occur, we will clearly indicate this with the date of the change, in a prominent place, at each change. If changes are specifically related to individual visitors or groups of visitors, we will inform them additionally and individually.

We therefore invite visitors to our site to periodically review our privacy policy, and other rights and quotes on the Privacy Policy page, which can be accessed through the footer link of each sub-page.


When visiting websites with various electronic devices (personal and / or tablet computer, mobile phone, etc.), it may happen that devices, tools, and protocols leave traces of various online identifiers that identify the individual. Every visitor of a website has the right to be aware of what information will be collected and processed, and give him the right to voluntarily decide to consent or refuse such an action. Only after acquaintance and consent of an individual can a website acquire information that can be linked to a website visitor.

Our website has the option of every visitor, with the prior clear and explicit consent of the visitor, to obtain information about:

  • IP address using the Google Analytics web tool

What does that mean?

The IP address is a unique number that is assigned to the online connection of an electronic device from your home, office, public place or elsewhere by an online service provider. The number accurately identifies the connection and position of the electronic device from which the web is accessed. Usually, this number is reset when resetting the router.

With the identified IP address of the visitor of our site, the company Kozar will obtain the location information from where the visitor accessed our website. According to GDPR, identifying and monitoring an individual’s IP address using Google Inc.’s Google Analytics Web Tool is considered as obtaining and perceiving personal data of an individual.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps companies monitor and measure how users interact with the content of their site. If you do not agree to the use of Google Analytics, you can prevent this from your cookie management settings when deciding how to use cookies on our site.

If you have agreed to use Google Analytics but have changed your mind, you can disable cookies at any time in cookie management settings (Point 5 in Cookie Policy).

The visitor information of our site that will be downloaded using the Google Analytics Web Tool will be downloaded and can be saved from Google Inc. also on servers outside the EU, e.g. in the United States. Google will turn data collected using the Google Analytics web tool into an anonymous form so that it removes the last part of the IP address before saving the data, which prevents the visitor to identify the personal information of the website visitor.

The Google Analytics Web site will then automatically generate a report that will show the visitor activity on our site, the geographical area from where the visitor accessed our website, access time, browsing time on individual websites, etc.

The company Kozar undertakes not to allow the disclosure or use by third parties of data obtained through the Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Web Site about visitors to our site to enable any person identification.


Personal information which company Kozar will obtain from visitors of our website will not be disclosed to third parties without the clear and explicit consent of each visitor individually.

Company Kozar will use the data on the user’s IP address for the needs of the analytics of the number of visits and other visit characteristics, but will not collect user’s personal data.

Our website will obtain the user’s IP address using Google Inc.’s online analytics tool. In the GDPR Fund, Google Inc. will use our data processor to use the Google Analytics Web Analytics tool for the data that we will provide to Google Analytics.


For any questions regarding the collection, processing and protection of personal data on our website, you can contact us via one of the contact information below or click here.

© 2019 Iztok Kozar, s.p.


The copyright gives the author the creation of a work of monopoly over the exploitation of the created work and protects him that in any way his work will be used by anyone without his consent. Copyright is regulated by the Copyright and Related Rights Act (in the Republic of Slovenia), the laws and regulations on intellectual property with the copyrights of individual countries of the European Union and the laws of other countries. The draft, the components and the title of the author’s work are in themselves individual creations and enjoy the same protection as the work itself.

All photographic, image, graphic and textual contents on our website, as well as the visual form of the website and the word mark referring to the Kozar company belong to our company, which is the author of the creation of the work itself. The said works are copyright protected by the creation itself and no formal registration is required in accordance with the law.


You can, but you must:

  1. Obtain consent from our company for the use of content or
  2. Indicate that photographs and other content are owned by our company;
  3. For each individual content used, Kozar company should be marked in a prominent place as a source of content and
  4. Add a link to our site for any content from our website.

Publishing, reproduction, distribution or any other provision of content from our site to the public and public display, without prior consent of our company, or the indication of our company as a source and added links to a source constitutes a copyright infringement.


For foreigners who violate the copyright of our company, the jurisdiction of a court in the country where the alien has his permanent residence is competent.

In order to obtain consent for use or any other copyright and content issues on our website, you can contact us via one of the contact information below or click here.

© 2019 Iztok Kozar, s.p.


Our web site can be used to load so-called cookies by browsing on your electronic device (personal or tablet, mobile phone, etc.), or any other device you use to view our site.

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to an electronic device, or to any other device through which the visitor visits the site. Cookies themselves do not collect data and information that could identify an individual, except for exceptions, for which the use (in accordance with GDPR) is required to obtain prior consent for use by the visitor of the site before use.


Our website uses cookies for the smooth functioning of our site. With the help of cookies, we obtain information about the characteristics of visitors’ visits to our site.

Cookies do not pose an immediate threat to your electronic device. They are used to increase the speed and improve the user experience when visiting our site.


We know a variety of cookies according to the purpose of use, depending on;

a) Necessity:

  • Required or urgently needed cookies are indispensable and essential for the operation of our Kozar website, because they allow us to move around the website and use the various functions of our website

b) Duration time:

  • Session cookies are cookies that allow us to link actions during a session in a web browser. They only last and use only as long as your online session lasts, and disappear from your electronic device when you close your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.).
  • Persistent cookies remain on the electronic device of the visitor to the website when your browser is closed and takes some time as specified in the cookie. Regularly those cookies are used when you need to know who you are, for more than one browsing session, e.g. to remember the settings of the visitor of our site for the next visit.

c) Cookie source:

  • First (1st) Party Cookies are cookies that are installed on the visitor’s electronic device when they visit our site for the first time. There are cookies from our site you are currently viewing and can be permanent or temporary. You don’t need to visit that third party website to have a cookie set (e.g. Google Analytics Cookies).
  • Third (3rd) Party Cookies or third parties originate from other sites. They are mainly used to deliver ads as part of advertising campaigns. Our website does not use advertising campaigns. These cookies are set by someone who is not the owner of our site. Our website allows to connect to Facebook and Instagram social networking sites, but does not collect personal visitors’ data and no cookies are loaded on our site in that matter, but only uses a link to their websites for which each visitor decides by clicking to their site. By agreeing to use individual cookies on third party websites that are linked to our website, each visitor can set up or disable it on the individual web site through the following instructions in point 17 – Cookie management and disabling cookies in your web browser.
a) REQUIRED COOKIES for the proper functioning of our web site;
  • Cookie name: Cookie_notice_accepted
    Description of the Cookie: Enables you to see cookie notifications and manage cookie usage settings. This cookie, only after your decision, records your decision to accept or reject cookies and does not collect user’s personal information.
    Duration: 1 month
    Publisher: Digital Factory (dFactory)
    Manager: KOZAR

    After visiting our web site, you can always delete the cookie with the settings listed below (in point 5).

b) FIRST PARTY ANALYTICS COOKIES for our web site analytics;

We use Google Analytics cookies (Google Inc.) to track users as they navigate the website and help improve our website’s usability.

  • Cookie name: _gat
    Description of the Cookie: Used to throttle request rate.
    Duration: 1 minute
    Publisher: Google Inc. (Google)
    Manager: KOZAR
  • Cookie name: _ga
    Description of the Cookie: Used to identify and distinguish unique users.
    Duration: 2 years
    Publisher: Google Inc. (Google)
    Manager: KOZAR
  • Cookie name: _gid
    Description of the Cookie: Used to distinguish users.
    Duration: 24 hours
    Publisher: Google Inc. (Google)
    Manager: KOZAR

    After visiting our web site, you can always delete the cookie with the settings listed below (in point 5).


You can manage and disable cookies:

  • Google Chrome you can manage HERE;
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11 you can manage HERE;
  • Mozilla Firefox you can manage HERE;
  • Opera you can manage HERE;
  • Safari you can manage HERE;
  • Microsoft Edge you can manage HERE.
6. THE PERSON responsible for the control, implementation and use of personal data of visitors to the website you are currently on (ograje-kozar.eu) – DPO!

DPO (Data Protection Officer):

  • Iztok Kozar
    T: +386 41 773 315
    E: iztok.kozar@siol.net

Data Protection Officer

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